Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yoga day 1

Nothing like yoga to make you realize how out of shape you are (and how bad your carpet needs cleaning and deodorizing omg)! Xander turned out to be a crap-tacular yoga coach, running around and being a butt and trying to climb on me while I did the poses and continually asking "Why can't we watch Charlie Brown Christmas instead of this?" Oh, well. I guess yoga will be something I do while he's at preschool or otherwise occupied. At least there's one workout he likes so far (running).
No C25K for us today--it's so windy my skinny little boy would blow away, even if it wasn't raining. I'm barely exaggerating, it really is crazy windy.
OK, so yoga. I like it! I have many friends who have been doing yoga and/or pilates for years and have great results and love it. So yoga is here to stay, even though I have to modify some of the poses right now due to my out-of-shaped-ness.
The holidays are going to be difficult, what with all of the delicious food all over the place and wine flowing and such as. I'll probably give myself a break on Christmas Eve and NYE, not gonna lie. Not a free for all binge-fest, but a bit of a break.
I've wrapped exactly one present, and that was for the pre-school gift exchange this morning. And I wrapped it...this morning. I found the present I'd lost today! YAY! Now to make a huge list of things to do and things to buy. I work all weekend so tomorrow is the day to get it all done. Christmas Eve is spent at MIL's with the family--playing games, eating yummy food, and generally being merry. I have to work Christmas day from 2pm-9pm (booo!) but that should be fun, too. I plan to bring jalapeno popper dip for that feast, and maybe spinach artichoke dip, too.
Tonight I'm roasting a turkey breast awwww yeeeeeeeeaaaahh.

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