Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 5

Long, long, horrible, terribad day at work. I mean, I rocked it, don't get it twisted. But it was a really jacked up day. Lunch was my coworker and me trading off for two or three bites here and there (I had leftover chicken and roasted veggies). That's how busy we were. But I didn't have any of the sweets floating around at work! I did have an Ale-8 my sweet coworker Chris had given me last weekend. I put it in the refrigerator when she gave it to me and found it today. I REGRET NOTHING. It was so good.
E made vaca frita for dinner, along with Brussels sprouts topped with bacon. YUM. Didn't do great with water today but I did ok. Tomorrow will be a big test of resolve. I'll be surrounded with treeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaats. And I'mma eat some, for real. But not stuff myself. I'm also going to be making pecan pie and some cookies and things to take to the family for Christmas.

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