Saturday, December 22, 2012


Here at work this morning--so it begins. I didn't eat before I left the house, had designs on getting here and having some yogurt and turkey. Here comes my friend with a sack of sausage & egg biscuits. Ok, so I had one. I ate a peanut butter ball, too. They were both yummy. I did indulge, but I also ate them slowly and delberately, deciding that if I was going to have them I'd really enjoy them and make up for the sugar and biscuit with my lunch and dinner. I'm also not even a little bit interested in the cookies and candies in the breakroom. I brought a huge salad today, and leftover turkey, and yogurt. I've kept my water tumbler close by and filled it up several times. OH! I got on the scale here at work this morning. 177. Was 181 last week. Fluke? Water? I am just gonna take it and run!

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