Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas eve and Christmas I gave myself a little break and at a few candies, some tortilla chips, some crackers and stuff. On Christmas day I had to work and I'd spent the morning opening presents and all that with the kids and not eating much. So by the time I got to work at 2 I was ready to eat the paint off the walls. Luckily people had brought in food and I did not have to resort to that, but I ate a huge portion of mashed potatoes. Today I've been very depressed and PMS-y and feeling the post-holiday let down. Been crying on and off, and eating the hell outta my feelings. Tomorrow is another day. I am hoping to take the kids to the grandparents and spend a few hours, then X has a friend's birthday party tomorrow evening.
I ordered Just Dance 4 since M got a PS3 game bundle with the move stuff included. I haven't had time/inclination/weather/shoes to go running again.

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