Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Being married is incredibly difficult, I think. I wonder if other marriages have rules like we do. Like for example, if one of us gets a wonky feeling about a friend or colleague of the other's, we totally have veto power to say "You aren't allowed to play with ______ anymore." or "I need you to limit your time with ______ to X occasions only." And that's pretty much that, and we've never abused it. We're protective of our marriage and when people say that marriage is hard work I think maybe this is part of what they mean. It's hard breaking off relationships with people who make your spouse uncomfortable. It's hard stopping or cutting down behaviors you've been doing your whole life to please your spouse. It's hard being "whipped". Well, I am proud to be whipped and so is he. It's like a badge we both wear that says HAPPILY MARRIED, STEP OFF, SKANKS!
One thing that is super neat-o about my marriage is that it is "you & me against the world" kinda. If I am in a disagreement with someone, he's on MY side, always, and vice-versa. I really dig that. Now, that is not to say that we don't tell each other when we're being ridiculous about something (more on that later) but the angle we start from is always about what is best for the other. The other person in the disagreement is incidental. Our primary focal point is each other.
Another thing that is both awesome and terrible about marriage (mine, anyway, idk about yours) is that there is always someone to check you when you are making a mistake or being an asshole.

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