Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did a little shopping, got a few things. I feel like I have a few more wardrobe choices now, which is nice.
I wore yoga pants today, does that count? Other than that I'm like exercise deficient. My living room has little pieces of cheap manufactured desk strewn akimbo so I am not able to Just Dance, even if I wanted to. Huzbin is being a sport and putting it together for me, bless his heart. Both of my kids (when I say 'both of my kids' I mean both of the ones who still live in my house, jsyk) are acting a damn fool and are about to get put to bed 2 hours early. A more likely scenario is that they are going to be put in front of a movie and told to be still and shut up or else. Yeah.
Spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone arguing with insurance reps today. Changing companies and therefore health insurance is a giant pain in the ass. Then I get a text telling me our direct deposit is FUBAR and we won't be getting a paycheck until next week. Awesome!
Also IDK about you but I don't like to be badgered or criticized. By, like, anyone. Ever. Not only do I not like it, I'll stop talking to someone who does it to me enough times. The world is full of people to talk to and interact with, so badgering and criticism gets you put on the "only engage when necessary" list. And a lot of people in this world are on the "Zero Times Necessary" list.
We're getting a puppy! She is only a few weeks old and just opened her eyes. A sweet little stray terrier followed my nephew home and the rest is history. My boys are excited to get a puppy and I think we're at a point in our family to welcome one. The girls are super excited, too, which surprised me. I've always been anti-pet but the stars have aligned and who am I to argue with the stars, I ask you? Nobody, that's who! She is so cute and I am so excite.
I really need a lifestyle makeover. I need Oprah or Ricki or someone to clean my house and organize my stuff and stuff.

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