Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yesterday was a super duper awesome day full of fun and laughter and marital happiness and friends and kids and brownies and just everything that's good. Ever have a day like that? Yesterday was the poo.

NOW I am draggin' ass and paying for yesterday. My kid made it to school but my other kid is still snoozing away at 10:30. Ooops. He even went to bed early.

Lordy it's grocery day. Did I mention my ass was draggin' today? I found so many great recipes and now I need to translate them into a grocery list. Yippee. I'm gonna need a lot more coffee.


  1. Still, not a bad day if one of your biggest challenges is buying great food to make great recipes...

    1. Oh yes, today is shaping up to be wonderful as well! I actually like doing grocery shopping but I'm soooo tiiiired.