Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did a little shopping, got a few things. I feel like I have a few more wardrobe choices now, which is nice.
I wore yoga pants today, does that count? Other than that I'm like exercise deficient. My living room has little pieces of cheap manufactured desk strewn akimbo so I am not able to Just Dance, even if I wanted to. Huzbin is being a sport and putting it together for me, bless his heart. Both of my kids (when I say 'both of my kids' I mean both of the ones who still live in my house, jsyk) are acting a damn fool and are about to get put to bed 2 hours early. A more likely scenario is that they are going to be put in front of a movie and told to be still and shut up or else. Yeah.
Spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone arguing with insurance reps today. Changing companies and therefore health insurance is a giant pain in the ass. Then I get a text telling me our direct deposit is FUBAR and we won't be getting a paycheck until next week. Awesome!
Also IDK about you but I don't like to be badgered or criticized. By, like, anyone. Ever. Not only do I not like it, I'll stop talking to someone who does it to me enough times. The world is full of people to talk to and interact with, so badgering and criticism gets you put on the "only engage when necessary" list. And a lot of people in this world are on the "Zero Times Necessary" list.
We're getting a puppy! She is only a few weeks old and just opened her eyes. A sweet little stray terrier followed my nephew home and the rest is history. My boys are excited to get a puppy and I think we're at a point in our family to welcome one. The girls are super excited, too, which surprised me. I've always been anti-pet but the stars have aligned and who am I to argue with the stars, I ask you? Nobody, that's who! She is so cute and I am so excite.
I really need a lifestyle makeover. I need Oprah or Ricki or someone to clean my house and organize my stuff and stuff.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm going shopping today!! Most of my clothes don't fit the way I want them to. They're either too big or too little and don't feel good or flatter my body at all. I have a little bit of clothing budget (finally) so I'm on the hunt for new jeans, new tops, new bras & underwear, and new sneakers.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Stupid period week, and had to work way more than usual due to call ins and flu season. I ran late yesterday and could not leave for lunch, so I wound up having to call for pizza. Ugh. They are the only people in town who'll bring food to you at work. So I ate pizza and felt gross for the rest of the day. It was that or starve and get all hangry. And you know that ain't good for one's career.
With all the work and stress at home for various reasons I have not worked out much. I'm pretty much out of GAF's this week, for real. I hope they come back! Trying to get inspired but most of that is just patriarchal bullshit.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

on a roll

This grain free shit is for the birds. No amount of bacon can take the place of a homemade yeast roll, fresh out of the oven and dripping with butter. That's all I want. I don't miss pasta. I do miss a peanut butter sandwich with my bowl of chili (which I am having for breakfast this morning). I know in my head that grains make me tired, bloated, and keep me from losing the weight I want to lose. But my heart wants that yeast roll, y'all.
I packed a huge salad made with romaine, gorgonzola, walnuts, cranberries, chunks of granny smith apple, and leftover rotisserie chicken. I work a 12 today so I have to think about what I'm going to eat or I'll find myself at a drive-thru or broaster's chicken (like yesterday oops). Not doing so good on workouts the last few days. I lost another pound, though.
Time to get going. Hope this weekend goes by fast at work. UGH

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OK I have to get off the chocolate train! So since I am the type of person who needs hard and fast rules, I now have a "one Dove dark chocolate per day and no other chocolate or sweets" rule. I'm working a little too hard and am too motivated to let chocolate win, I mean, damn.
Today's workout is one mile fast walk (our street is .4 miles long so really .8 miles) this morning and then BBT workout tonight and yoga before bed.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Still doing OK. Weighed at work on Saturday and had lost one pound, not too shabby especially since my aunt is in town this week. E is cooking more lately and has been researching and looking up recipes and finding ideas for things that I can eat. Today I did eat too much chocolate because of aunt flo and 70% off after christmas sale on dark chocolate marshmallow mint thingies. damn, I ate 4 of them. OOPS. Still exercising but have not yet today. Need to get on that. Also I have not stopped drinking. This is bad. But a glass of red each night is supposed to be good for you? So I've been having that. Tonight we had hot Italian sausage and roasted cauliflower. So good. Tomorrow is spaghetti night so I will just eat meatballs and sauce I guess. Pasta is my enemy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Been doing well the last few days, just haven't come over here. I have been tracking calories at Sparkpeople, but I don't really participate too much in the community aspect of it. I'm sure it helps a lot of people but it's not for me.
Today I did eat my one grain-cheat...sushi. Lots of it! All you can eat sushi buffet! It was glorious. E and I got some time together out of the house and I got to eat lots of sushi. Win/Win!

oops that was from New Year's Day, forgot to hit "publish". Still going good, staying in my ranges, not eating wheat, drinking water, and exercising. Woot! I feel more energetic the last few days, thank God. I am tired of being tired. I have been going to bed on time every night, even on NYE! I need sleep to function.
As far as exercise I try to add something new to the mix every day. I hate getting bored with my workout, because then I stop doing it. SO I am getting silly with it. Every evening I do this one:
I'm watching BBT anyway, so this is a fun way to watch it.
Our family just got Just Dance 4. It might not be a workout for some fitness buffs who run 5 miles before breakfast, but this old fat lady works up a sweat! And it's FUN. X has been playing it all day, especially the "super hero guy", so I've been rickrolled all day long. So basically I've gotten off my ass every day, which is more than I'd been doing for a long time. Also keeping track of my food helps sooo much with mindless snacking. YAY for me, basically.