Sunday, February 10, 2013


Siiiiiiiiiiick. I left work after 3 hours yesterday, and I don't do that. Came home, napped, hot bath, codeine. I think I ate? Now I'm up and getting ready for a 12 hour shift, purse full of meds. Hopefully my voice will hold out for at least today, then I'll have a week to recover. I sound like Kathleen Turner.

Several posts about pregnancy and birth on my feed this morning. So glad to be done with all of that! During my years of pregnancy and breastfeeding I thought it was wonderful and beautiful and all that, but I am thrilled to never have to do it again.

We had a little teaser the other day, a lovely warm springy day (see previous post with pic of me on the roof), and I am so ready for winter to GTFO. Time to paint and scrub and redecorate and purge! Winter sucks the life out of me. Spring gives it back.

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  1. Sorry you're sick. And internet high five about never having to be pregnant again. Whoop!