Sunday, March 20, 2011

Date Night!

Our date Friday night was just wonderful. When I got home from work Eric was showered, shaved, and had the directions printed out to the parking garage, theater, and 2 restaurants he thought I might like to go to. He also had an outfit picked out but wanted me to OK it before he put it on. LOL (sersly, the man cannot dress himself) I was really glad he made an effort for us to have a nice date night. Anyway, I got my shower and all (my clothes didn't come in, but I had a backup outfit). The restaurants were both fish places and it occurred to me that on a Friday during Lent we might not get in and out in time to get to the show. So we decided to hit the Mexican place down the street. They are awesome. We had a great meal and I had a gigantic margarita.
This was the only pic we took that night. There was no photography allowed inside the theater. :(

We got to the theater in perfect time and discovered how great our seats were. They were pretty up close and personal. For those of you who don't know who Don Williams is, he's pretty much a living legend in the world of country music. He is 71 years old, and had hits in the 70s and 80s like Tulsa Time, Amanda, Lord, I Hope This Day is Good, Heartbeat in the Darkness, You're My Best Friend, and his biggest hit was probably I Believe in You.

I have loved him since I can remember, 30+ years. I never thought I'd get to see him live, since he's been retired. He did a small tour last year that I found out about after it happened, and I thought I'd missed my chance.

He was fantastic, and I'm not just saying that through rose-colored fan-ears. He was really, really good. He performed for an hour and a half, and played most of his hits. His encore was Mel McDaniel's Louisiana Saturday Night, which was a nice unexpected treat. He played my favorite (You're My Best Friend) but didn't play my other favorite (Say It Again), but man it was a great show. I am such a spazmo--I cried through half the show, for real. It was just very emotional. My husband loves my spazmo emotional crying, though. It's one of the things that makes me, me, I guess. LOL (I cry at church, too, most of the time)

Anyway, y'all, this was a Bucket List item for me, so I am so so happy it went so well. I will be humming Don Williams songs while I clean my funky "Mom just got a job!" house up today, for sure.

Monday, March 14, 2011 do they work?

It's about time to start thinking about my garden. I am the world's worst gardener. Nobody can kill plants like me. It's amazing. But last year, with my MIL's ingenuity and a little perseverance, I turned $50 worth of soil, seeds, and plants and hundreds of dollars worth of labor into $40 worth of produce, dammit. I was really proud of my little plot. Most of my crop pointed and laughed at me (right before they turned brown and died), but some of them thrived. Jalapenos, basil, and cherry tomatoes grew like crazy for me. We had margherita pizza for lunch almost every day and a shitload of jalapeno poppers for snacks. I never knew I liked jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, and basil until I grew them myself. 
This year I might venture into a couple of different types of tomatoes and maybe attempt strawberries again. I told myself I would read up and study up and really just be a gardening guru wizard this year, but that totes did not happen. I was going to build two more raised beds, invent a new watering system, takes some classes, and read Gardening for Dummies. I was gonna take the gardening world by storm, y'all. But here it is March and I have not done any of those things. Maybe there is still time to read Gardening for Dummies? But I am definitely going to improve on my crop from last year. This year I plan on making at least $41 worth of produce, for sure. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh hai late 30's

Today blew burrito chunks. I start my new job tomorrow morning and had to buy new pants to go with the shirt I have to wear. It's like a button-up, fitted shirt, not bad for a work shirt but nothing I'd ever wear in my day to day real life. Plus the only medium they had on hand was brown, also not a color I ever wear. So long story short, time for new pants to go with said shirt.
One would think that some "suitable for work" khaki pants would be easy to find, amirite? WRONG, BIATCH. It took 3 hours and five stores and a lot of sighing and florescent lights and comparisons of my thighs to cottage cheese and "what the hell happened to me?"s to find a pair of pants that are good for work and comfortable and fit properly and look halfway decent. Gloria friggin Vanderbilt. I bought Gloria Vanderbilt pants today. The last bastion of youth, crossed off the list in red ink.
So of course I came right home and made a grocery list of healthy foods and printed out my gym schedule and did 100 situps! J/K, I ate a buttload of mozzarella sticks and drank two glasses of wine. Then I took a long hot bath and contemplated liposuction